Understanding which hashtags you should use on Instagram just got a lot easier
Understanding which hashtags you should use on Instagram just got a lot easier

If your business depends on growing your Instagram account, then you already know one of the biggest challenges is figuring out which hashtags to use.

You aren’t alone! 😧

That’s why Curate continues to build ways to derive insights using data and help you navigate organic growth on Instagram.

new instagram hashtag update for Curate
Level up your understanding of hashtags on Instagram and give your content the best chance for success.

The latest release focuses on making sure you use the best hashtags possible to reach your target audience.

Let’s dive into the new Related Hashtag search, improved Score algorithm, and the Chrome Extension enhancements. 👇

When you used to search for hashtags on Curate, it only looked at hashtags you have used before. Now the Related Hashtag search not only displays your own hashtags but also hashtags that other people use too.

If you want to find out what other Instagrammers are using when posting with a certain hashtag, just type into the search bar and let Curate do the hard work.

search for any hashtag on Instagram
Curate tracks your hashtags, provides new hashtags to use, and lets you search for any hashtag.

You can see a list of all the statistics and personal utilization of any hashtag you want. It’s a great way to find hashtags that are being used by people like you in your specific niche.

Explore new hashtag insights

Previously, Curate had the total number of posts as a metric available to gauge the popularity of a hashtag.

While this is an okay approximation, it’s not enough on today’s Instagram.

Newer metrics for the average likes and comments on the content in the Top Posts are now available for every hashtag. This helps you understand what the competition is like when you are trying to reach Top Posts for a hashtag, the easiest way to have your content explode.

Curate also tracks how many posts are being used made on that hashtag per hour. This lets you know if your content will get lost in the flood of other people posting.

With only 30 hashtags available to use per post, choosing each one carefully will give you the greatest chance for success.

Visual tools to understand each hashtag

Every hashtag is graded by Curate in order to help you find ones that will best help increase your reach.

You can see even more detailed information about how it was calculated by simply hovering over the Score anywhere on Curate.

instagram hashtags score example
Using the Score gives you the overall potential of a hashtag but you can hover over it for more details.

The metrics are color-coded red, yellow, and green to indicate how good it is.

Let’s run through a simple example. 🤔

You should be using hashtags in your niche that have a decent amount of likes but not too much that you can’t compete. If the number is green then it’s in a good range. If it’s yellow then think twice about it. Lastly, if it’s red then definitely question if it’s the right hashtag to be using.

tooltips with hashtag metrics
The metrics lets you quickly see what’s going on with any hashtag with a quick glance.

Every metric is color-coded in the same way to provide clarity behind what that number actually means.

Try to use this visualization to help you understand which hashtags are better than others at a quick glance when planning your posts.

Introducing the new Score algorithm

I’ve mentioned how a Score is calculated for each hashtag but what I didn’t mention was the upgrades to the brains behind it.

All the hashtag metrics are combined with other data to give you a single, simple way to compare hashtags.

Don’t keep track of a ton of post metrics that don’t matter and use the color-coded Scores to help you determine which hashtag has more potential to increase your reach.

An even more powerful version of the Score algorithm is already under development. The insights that Curate can derive further improve its ability to serve the best hashtags so stay tuned for more.

Compare your engagement to the top content

Reaching the Top Posts section on a hashtag is the key to unlocking more impressions on your content.

Look at any hashtag you’re interested in using. 👇

If every Top Post that gets picked by Instagram has thousands of likes and you only get 20 on average for your content then the chances you will show up there too are slim to none. On the flip side, if your content gets around 500 likes per post and you find a hashtag that averages around 100 likes then you know your content can definitely compete.

Honestly, it’s a lot to manage. 🥵

It’s why with this update, Curate shows a thumbs up or down depending on if your typical engagement is within the range of the Top Posts for a hashtag.

personal engagement is close to the average on the Top Posts
If your personal engagement is close to the average on the Top Posts then you get a thumbs up!

It lets you know how easy it will be to edge out your competition and show up in the Top Posts for the hashtags you’re targeting.

Enhanced Chrome Extension released

This new version of Curate’s related hashtag search is powered by the Chrome Extension.

It collects the hashtags, scores them, then saves them to your Curate account all behind the scenes. It’s supplementing all the data that the Instagram API doesn’t currently provide to you as an Instagram Business user.

collect your hashtag metrics
Using the Chrome Extension is the fastest way to collect your hashtag metrics.

When you install it, you don’t even notice it because everything happens in the background.

There is an added bonus of seeing the statistics while you browse Instagram in your web browser too. 🤓

Quickly refresh your hashtag metrics

Curate doesn’t know about every hashtag that has ever been created since the beginning of time.

Instagram has been around for a while now. 😝

Sometimes Curate needs your help to collect the most accurate and update to date hashtag metrics.

Simply click anywhere you see a Score with a “?” and have it automatically calculate it for you.

click to calculate hashtag score
If Curate hasn’t seen a hashtag before you can just click the Score and it will calculate it for you.

See the data instantly after it looks it up in your browser and continue to dig for the best niche hashtags to use.

Analyzing every hashtag at once

Clicking each Score can sometimes be a little tedious if you are in a new niche.

That’s why there’s a new place that will look up every one of your hashtags for you.

analyze every Instagram hashtag
Curate can analyze every hashtag and each suggestion so you don’t have to.

You can find it on Curate under your profile picture in the top right listed under “Analzye your hashtags”

There is a percentage bar with details on how many posts or hashtags it has left so you know your progress.

It’s the easiest way to make sure you have the latest information for every single one of your hashtags.

Instagram is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace and Curate is keeping up by building advanced tools to save you time while you do your hashtag research.

No matter your niche, trying to find the perfect hashtags is hard. 🤬

The world of hashtags on Instagram can be a daunting place to navigate. There are so many options, and no one wants to make the wrong choices. But Curate is here to help!

So start to search for your niche hashtags based on what other people are using and save time planning your Instagram content today with Curate.

PS: Don’t forget to vote on what features you want to see next. There is a lot more coming soon like an advanced keyword search and monitoring hashtags to see if your content has reached the Top Posts.️

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