Ultimate guide on using hashtags for Reels to get explosive Instagram growth
Ultimate guide on using hashtags for Reels to get explosive Instagram growth

If you’re not using Reels on Instagram yet, now is the best time to start.

When Instagram releases new features, you’re typically rewarded for using them. It makes sense though. If you get rewarded for using Reels then you’re more inclined to use them in the future. Instagram is keeping up with TikTok and they want you to feel like you can gain the same momentum on their platform.

So how can you get tons of views on every Reel you make? 🤔

By using the combination of hashtags and Reels to outrank your competition!

how to use hashtags for Reels
You don’t have to hope you grow when you know exactly how to use hashtags for Reels.

It’s so much easier to rank on hashtags for Reels than anything else like a post or normal video.

It kind of feels like the old days of hashtags on Instagram where the competition is low. 😁

Check out everything you ever need to know about using hashtags on your Reels for explosive growth on Instagram. 👇

What are Reels on Instagram?

Reels are a new type of content you can create on Instagram. They are 15 second, or shorter, videos that are becoming more popular lately.

Reels on profile page
Each Instagram profile can have a new section to add the Reels they create. (Credit: @thestevenmellor)

They’re different from your Stories in that they won’t disappear when you add them to the Reels section on your profile.

Should I even bother using hashtags for Reels?

Using hashtags on your Reels works exactly like the other Instagram content you create.

That means the same hashtag strategies and similar growth tactics will work on your Reels too.

Hashtags work the same on your Reels
Hashtags work the same on your Reels as they do for your other content. (Credit: @imdanielaqueiroz)

You have the chance to show up on the Top section of the hashtag page for each one you choose to use.

Besides ranking on the hashtags, you want to make sure you’re classifying your content so Instagram will know who to serve it to on the Explore page.

So the answer is YES! You better be using hashtags on your Reels.

How many hashtags should I use on my Reels?

Since hashtags for Reels are no different than your normal posting strategy the logic remains the same.

You should be using 30 hashtags for every Reel that you make. 💯

hashtags in bottom of Reel
Your 30 hashtags get nicely tucked away at the bottom of your Reel. (Credit: @ginnyfears)

There are a lot of reasons why you should be maxing out your hashtag usage on everything you post.

The biggest reason when it comes to Reels is that if you don’t use 30 hashtags then you are missing out on the chance to reach the Top Posts area for all the hashtags you didn’t add.

Shoot your shot and use all 30 hashtags Instagram allows. 🏀

Which hashtags should I use for my Reels?

Basically, it boils down to being able to reach the Top Posts section on as many relevant hashtags as possible.

But you need to be using niche hashtags that you can be confident in.

I covered strategies to get into the Top Posts of hashtags for other content and why it’s so important.

What will help the most for Reels is looking at the potential hashtags you want to use and look at the likes and comments for the featured Reel.

You still want to make sure you find the perfect hashtags that are related to your target audience, show the right intent, have some post volume but not too much, and have Top Posts that are similar in engagement to yours.

Reel engagement stats
Look at the Reel on a hashtag page and see what the engagement is like compared to your average.

It can seem like a lot of work to do this manually and definitely it can be.

That’s why I developed Curate to save time while I find the best hashtags to use in my niche. It scores every hashtag I use and lets me plan ahead to know that I’ll rank on the hashtags I’m targeting.

curate hashtag list
Using Instagram hashtag tools like Curate can help you find the ideal hashtags while saving you time.

The main thing is to put in a little work when it comes to picking your hashtags. Buckle down and understand which hashtags for Reels will work best for you.

Where should I put my hashtags for Reels?

Just like your other Instagram content, hashtags in the first comment will work the same on a Reel.

You get all the benefits of possibly making it to the Top Posts for all the hashtags you use. You also get to keep your caption clean.

hashtags for Reel in comments
Hashtags work the same in a comment and they don’t clutter your caption. (Credit: @brock11johnson)

I go into many more reasons why I prefer to put my hashtags in the comments but what’s really important is that you actually use them.

Where are my Reels when people view a hashtag?

The best part about Reels right now is that they take up the first spot when you look at a hashtag on the Instagram app.

It’s guaranteed the first thing people see. 👀

Reel on hashtag page
The Reel for each hashtag page always grabs everyone’s attention. (Credit: @thelucasokeefe)

It takes up the most screen real estate and has motion (since it’s a video) when all the other posts are small and still images.

If your Reel is relevant to the audience viewing the hashtag then there is little chance they won’t watch it.

As users of Instagram, it’s harder for us to scroll past an automatically playing video than an image. Naturally, we can’t help to look for a bit longer to see what’s going on.

How many Reels show up for each hashtag?

Today, there is only one Reel per hashtag page which means everyone is fighting for that #1 spot.

Don’t worry though because the relative competition is significantly less than posting normally. 😨

only one Reel per hashtag page
There is only one Reel per hashtag page but the competition for this spot is much lower than the rest.

You are only competing against people making Reels with that hashtag.

That’s the reason why you want to be conscious of the hashtags you choose. Make sure they are small enough to where you know your content can beat out the competition.

I’m sure this will change in the future and we will see many more Reels on a hashtag page. You never know, we may see a Reel-only feed on Instagram soon.

How long will my Reel be on the hashtag page?

There is only one spot on the hashtag page for a Reel but if you happen to land there, you’re in for some serious traction.

When you’re selected by Instagram’s algorithm for your Reel, it will stay in the Top Posts for much longer than any other content.

how old a Reel is
See how long ago the comments were made to know how old a Reel is when you see it on a hashtag page.

Instagram compensates for the lower number of Reels available to show by keeping them there longer. ⏱

It’s also important because if they swap out your Reel too fast then they will lose a sense of how many people actually like it and won’t know if they should show it to more people (like on the Explore page).

Where are the Reels in the Recent hashtags tab?

One last thing on hashtags for Reels that’s worth mentioning.

They don’t show up when you click the Recent tab posts.

They also don’t show up if someone is browsing a hashtag page on their computer.

But don’t stress. 😳

It shouldn’t really matter at all because you shouldn’t be focusing on using the Recent tab as a way to grow using hashtags. It’s all about reaching the Top Posts, Reels, or otherwise.

Instagram will likely change this too as the popularity increases. It’s only a matter of time.

Well, there you have it. Everything you need to know about using hashtags for your Reels.

Better yet, you know how to use hashtags to get a crazy amount of views on your Reels. 📈

Staying ahead of the game and truly understanding how Instagram works lets you take advantage of growth tactics like this to take your account to the next level.

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