Learn how to save time planning which hashtags to use for every Instagram post
Learn how to save time planning which hashtags to use for every Instagram post

Using hashtags to their full advantage on Instagram can be complicated.

help with effective hashtag strategy
Running an effective hashtag strategy on Instagram is a little overwhelming.

Deciding on how to pick the best hashtags, Instagram changing the algorithm, performing hashtag research, avoiding getting shadowbanned, creating lists to use in the future, and more.

Fortunately, Curate helps make sense of it all and helps you get more exposure on your Instagram posts with the power of hashtags.

Doing this manually and spending the time to do it right for each post you make is a lot of work. By using hashtag tools you can save time while increasing your reach.

Now there are new ways for you to learn how to use Curate to your advantage.

Let’s quickly check out the new Tutorial and Getting Started Checklist. 👀

Tutorial on managing your hashtags with Curate

All new users will be greeted with a quick walkthrough on how to use Curate.

find the best hashtags
Click through the steps and see what Curate has to offer to up your hashtag game

It should take less than 5 minutes and gets you quickly caught up with the main features of Curate.

If you ever want to go through it again, you can access it anytime under the Help menu, named Tutorial.

tutorial on managing hashtags
Just in case you want to run through it again, you can always get to it here

Now that you know your way around the tool you can start to work on planning your next post. 🥳

Get started with your first post using Curate

Curate is all about using hashtags to your advantage while saving you time. It all ends in you making a post with your hand-selected hashtags and watching the views rise.

making your first post on Instagram using Curate
Each step personally guides you through making your first post using Curate

With a five-step personalized onboarding process, you can learn how you can use Curate to select, add, and monitor hashtags in your niche.

Since Curate knows how many people saw each post you made on Instagram, you can track the average exposure of your posts and make sure you keep trending upwards.

insights into your growth on Instagram
Curate keeps track of all your hashtag actions and provides insights into your growth

Completing your first few milestones is just the beginning. There are a lot more features to help you manage your hashtags and save you time planning your posts. ⏱

When you don’t have to worry as much about your hashtag strategy you can spend your time on making better content and building your audience.

art of managing your hashtags becomes easy
Once you get the hang of it then the art of managing your hashtags becomes easy!

Both the tutorial and your getting starting checklist are available right now. 🎉

Sign up for free and get analytics on every hashtag you have ever used on Instagram in minutes.

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