Personalized hashtag suggestions based on your Instagram account
Personalized hashtag suggestions based on your Instagram account

Anyone focused on growing their Instagram understands how much work goes into making each post.

From taking the photo or video, editing it, to writing an intriguing caption, posting it at the right time, and picking up to 30 hashtags.

It’s a lot. 🥵

As Instagram continues to gain popularity, it gives you access to more and more potential customers. The downside is that there is more content than ever and standing out in your specific niche can be difficult. Good thing is that with a little work you can stand out to the right people on Instagram.

Hashtags are still the primary way for you to tell Instagram where you want your content to be visible and selecting the rights hashtags can yield incredible results.

instagram hashtag growth
Hashtags can cause explosive growth on Instagram if used correctly.

Hashtags are simple to use but hard to master. It’s difficult to know which hashtags to use, which you should stay away from, and how to find new hashtags in your niche to try.

Fortunately, it’s 2021. 🎉

What used to require a lot of time and knowledge on the Instagram algorithm can be done for us in minutes with the right tools.

Curate is now offering personalized hashtag suggestions based on your own Instagram hashtag usage!

instagram hashtag suggestions
Hundreds of personalized hashtag suggestions for your Instagram account.

After you link your Instagram business account, Curate will collect all the hashtags that you have ever used. Then it searches for the perfect niche hashtags for your account that you haven’t used before.

Simple, right? 🤗

Let’s take a deeper look into how Curate can uncover hundreds of new hashtags for you to try on Instagram.

Sort through your hashtag suggestions

Curate has always monitored the hashtags that you have used and provided insights. Now, when you look at your hashtag list in Curate you will notice a section for New Hashtags.

new hashtags are available
Your new hashtags are available right next to all of the hashtags you already use

All of your personalized hashtag suggestions will be added here. It also shows you how many new hashtags Curate currently has waiting for you.

Every hashtag has a personalized score

For each hashtag that Curate finds for your Instagram account, it will give it a score between 1 and 10.

Each hashtag has a score to show you which hashtags Curate thinks is most helpful

There are a ton of different factors that Curate uses to calculate this score but you can use it simply to see what hashtags the tool thinks are best for you.

It gets smarter the more you use it

When Curate suggests a new hashtag for your Instagram, it gives you the option to keep the hashtag around or remove it from your list of new hashtags.

suggest better hashtags
When you tell Curate if a hashtag is good or not then it will learn from that and suggest better hashtags.

When you make either of these choices, Curate develops a better understanding of your account and tailors future suggestions even more precisely.

Constantly looking for new hashtags

As you continue to make posts on Instagram and use hashtags, more and more hashtags can be found by Curate. Your Instagram account is analyzed as hashtags are processed and you will see new hashtag suggestions roll in all the time.

New hashtag suggestions
New hashtag suggestions will show up in your list as soon as Curate finds it

You can see how long ago Curate made its hashtag suggestion and you can sort to see the latest. If you’re a current Curate subscriber, all of your hashtag suggestions have been gathering behind the scenes now for weeks!

You should always be trading out underperforming hashtags on Instagram and trying out new ones in your niche. This is a good practice to expand your audience no matter the size of your account.

Picking 30 hashtags for every Instagram post can be tough so let Curate do the hard work of continually finding new hashtags to use.

Don’t spend your time creating the perfect content for Instagram and not use the best hashtags possible.

Try out Curate for free and get your hashtag suggestions today. 🎉

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