Growing Instagram accounts organically with hashtags just got even easier 🥳
Growing Instagram accounts organically with hashtags just got even easier 🥳

Increasing the reach of your Instagram account using hashtags just got even easier with the new version of Curate. 🥳

Curate’s brand new release focused on three areas to help you excel on Instagram:

  • Teaching the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags on Instagram by showing personalized checklists.
  • Clearer presentation of the most insightful data to monitor when employing your hashtag strategies.
  • Decreasing the time it takes you to select your hashtags when planning your content even further.
instagram hashtag checklists
Curate helps you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting your hashtags

It’s a pretty packed release but let’s cover these three areas of focus a little more in-depth. 👇

Keeping your Instagram in check

It’s one thing to know about all the different hashtag strategies on Instagram.

It’s another thing to actually make sure you are following through with them.

With Curate, this is where checklists come into play. It takes your Instagram content and mixes it with your hashtag data to quickly show you if you are doing the right thing.

Instagram Hashtag Checklists from Curate
It’s really easy to see if you are missing on any of the checklist items allowing you to dig deeper

Currently, the checklists are focused on your entire account and while you select specific hashtags for your content.

  • Are you using the right hashtags that actually make a difference?
  • Did you use any banned hashtags that you were unaware of?
  • Have you started to overuse the same hashtag or groups of hashtags?
  • Are you continuing to select new hashtags to replace the ones that aren’t working as well?

Curate answers all of these for your account with a simple yes or no based on what you are doing on Instagram.

In upcoming releases, Curate will include checklists for each Instagram post and more insight into what makes up each checklist item that is personalized for you.

Remove all of the clutter

There is a lot of data that you can use to your advantage to understand the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy. Sometimes too much data can be overwhelming and make it harder to understand the big picture.

Curate makes sure to cancel out all of the noise and provide simple yet powerful insights into your Instagram data.

viewing your post on Curate
See the insights that matter most and how each stat compares to your other recent posts

Each statistic for your account or your posts has an indicator of how it is trending compared to your rolling two-week average. Track progress against your own performance instead of chasing arbitrary engagement numbers.

There are several visualizations that Curate provides such as views over time, reach per post and followers over time that complement this as well. Comparing your posts with one another helps you stick to what works and avoid what doesn’t.

In upcoming releases, Curate will include more visualization options, additional Instagram insight data such as website clicks and much more hashtag analytics.

Selecting your hashtags faster

Some of the most time-intensive parts about planning your Instagram content strategy are hashtag research and selecting them for each and every post/story/video you make.

Selecting your hashtags quickly is one of the most time saving activities

With its direct integration with Instagram, Curate already turns what used to be hours into minutes when it comes to planning and monitoring hashtags.

In this release, we focus on optimizing how you can select your hashtags even faster and turn that from what takes minutes to seconds.

You can now choose to pick a total number of hashtags, a specific number based on their post count or from specific lists you have made.

Curate then automatically selects the hashtags for you based on your posting/hashtag history.

Quickly review the ones that it selected and clean up the ones that don’t apply to the content you are planning for.

Repeat if you need to and you will have up to 30 hashtags for your post in no time.

In upcoming releases, Curate will include the option to block certain hashtags from being automatically selected and improve its algorithm to choose the best hashtags based on your history.

All of the updates are available right now on Curate. 😲

Try it for free today and start to master your hashtag strategy on Instagram.


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