Get personalized hashtag statistics while you browse on Instagram 💻
Get personalized hashtag statistics while you browse on Instagram 💻

Often times Instagram itself is the best place to go to find inspiration for your own content creation. Even more so when it comes to selecting niche hashtags to use on your posts.

instagram hashtag page on web
Browsing Instagram on my computer instead of my phone made it easier to manage my hashtags after I found the ones I wanted to use.

When it came time to finding new hashtags for any of my accounts, this was my general approach:

  • Go to Instagram in my browser on my laptop
  • Pick a single hashtag that was relevant to my Instagram account and go to that hashtag’s page
  • Click on posts that I liked, see what hashtags they used and open any of the potential hashtags that I may want to use in a new tab.
  • I would also see if there were any decent ones in the Related Hashtags section and open any that seemed like they had potential in a new tab.

After a while, I would have a ton of tabs open with hashtags to use.

lots of instagram tabs opened
I would push Chrome to the max with all of my tabs 😂

Going through each tab,  I would make sure the hashtag was actually relevant to my content, check the post count, make sure it wasn’t shadowbanned, etc. This system worked pretty well and allowed me to intentionally select the best hashtags for any content on Instagram that I produced.

There were some problems though… 😩

  • When I found hashtags that I thought were good to use I would have to copy/paste them into a spreadsheet or planning tool to keep track of.
  • I didn’t know which hashtags were ones I had already used or were brand new to me. There were simply too many to keep track of.
  • If I was trying to find a certain number of hashtags for a post, I didn’t know which hashtags I had already selected to use and how many I had collected.
  • I was unsure how much I was using the same hashtags over and over again and how much I was varying my hashtag selection.

Thankfully those are now problems of the past with the release of the new Curate Chrome Extension. 🥳

Now you can have personalized hashtag statistics overlaid on Instagram as you browse. Select your hashtags directly on Instagram for each post, track your usage for every hashtag and follow your hashtag strategies faster than ever possible before.

new curate chrome extension for instagram
Welcome to the new Curate Chrome Extension 🎁

Ready to get a closer look?! 🤓

Let’s dive in.

Centered around selecting hashtags for a single post

When we are trying to come up with niche hashtags, it is usually for the purpose of using them on a specific piece of content we have.

We want to maximize the reach of that post and need to select the perfect hashtags to do so. As we browse hashtags on Instagram and find those ideal hashtags we need to start building a list.

In the past, we would have copy/pasted the hashtag into something else like a spreadsheet. Another issue is we wouldn’t know if we added a duplicate or not to our list. It could be pretty frustrating adding the same hashtags again and again.

With Curate, you are a single click away from adding or removing any hashtag from your selected list. Easily determine if it’s already in your selected list or not based on the button icon and color.

hashtags to add to Instagram
Quickly add the hashtag or see that it’s already on your list.

Since Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, Curate will limit your selection for up to 30 hashtags.

To take it a step further, Curate provides a breakdown of the selected hashtags based on their post count.

hashtags selected on Instagram
The breakdown updates in real-time as you add or remove hashtags from your selection.

The three categories in the Hashtags Selected section are Low, Ideal and High. Based on your current following, Curate will group every hashtag into one of these categories based on how many posts have been made using that hashtag on Instagram.

Low hashtags are typically ones that have less traffic but you can show up the Top section easier as there is less competition. Ideal hashtags have a good mix between the number of viewers and the potential to rank above the rest and show up in the Top posts. Lastly, High hashtags are usually ones that are difficult to reach the Top hashtags for and have so many people using them that your content quickly gets buried.

chrome extension post count examples
The color of the number is based on the low, ideal or high categories.

Each hashtag that you see will have a low (yellow), ideal (green) and high (red) color coding as well so you can instantly determine which category it’s in.

With this new way of selecting my hashtags as I browse, my planning for each post when from 10 to 15 minutes down to 1 to 2 minutes. ⏳

Know which hashtags you’ve been using

If you are actively selecting each hashtag you want to use on Instagram then it can be quite the handful to manage. As an example, let’s say you are actually using the maximum of 30 hashtags per post and you post twice a day.

That’s 1,800 different choices per month that you can make on which hashtags to use. 🤯

Each hashtag you use will cause your content to show up in that hashtag’s feed. You will also have the potential to reach the Top section for that hashtag if your content is selected by Instagram based on many different factors.

influencer hashtag page on the Instagram app
Reaching the Top hashtags section is like ranking on the first page of Google. It’s what everyone will see.

Getting your content into the Top section of popular hashtag pages is what can really make or break your post. Problem is that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting your hashtags and it’s hard to know which hashtags you have already used.

Curate keeps track of every hashtag that you use so it can quickly tell you if you have ever used it, how much you use it, the first time you used it and the last time you used it.

first and last used hashtag stats on Instagram
Hashtag Usage is the percent of the time that you use that hashtag when you post.

When we were looking at a hashtag on Instagram, we used to have a lot of questions:

  • Have I used this hashtag lately?
  • Did I discover this hashtag recently?
  • Have I ever used this hashtag?
  • Is this a hashtag that I use pretty often?

Now, all of these questions can be answered instantly while you browse. 😎

Get personalized statistics on how you use each hashtag

There is more than one reason to not overuse the same hashtags but the most important reason is that you don’t want to get shadowbanned.

To explain it briefly, if you use a hashtag too many times in a row or too often then Instagram can temporarily shadowban your account. That basically means that your content won’t show up on any hashtag page. It’s a real bummer if you get flagged since the only thing to do is wait.

So the best thing to do is to never be shadowbanned 🧐

Now with Curate, you can track your hashtag usage directly on Instagram. When you view a hashtag, you can see how many times you have used this it in a row and how many times you have used it on your last 10 posts.

times you used a hashtag on Instagram
Curate color codes these numbers to warn you if you are using a hashtag too much.

Your personalized usage is color-coded to help you quickly identify if it’s a good hashtag to use or not. If it’s green then you are safe to use that hashtag since you aren’t using it very often. When it’s yellow, you should think twice about using it since you are starting to use it quite frequently. When you see either of them show up in red then it means you are using that hashtag too often and are at risk of being shadowbanned if you keep it up.

Another problem that is solved by Curate is quickly identifying the category of the hashtag based on the post count.

Let me explain. 🤔

If you see a hashtag that has 75,323 posts versus a hashtag that has 101,498 posts, are those really that different when it comes to their usage on Instagram? Not really. Our minds take a little time to process a number like that and think about what range it’s in.

It’s another place that Curate uses personalized color-coded statistics to instantly tell you if you should be using it or not.

chrome extension post count examples
Curate categorizes the Total Posts based on your number of followers and average engagement.

The same hashtag categorization we mentioned in the previous section with low, ideal and high hashtags applies here. Once you get used to it you can start to rip through Instagram and discover the niche hashtags you are looking for at a record pace. ⏲

Efficiently build your list of hashtags to use

When I used to plan my hashtags, I struggled a bit with finding hashtags using Instagram then compiling all of them in a list on some other app. Typically it was a spreadsheet that I would have open and I would copy each hashtag from Instagram that I wanted to use.

It was time-consuming and mind-numbing. 😵

I would keep copying the same hashtags that I had already copied. It was tricky keeping track of all of the hashtags that are slight variations on each other; something like #videogame, #videogamer, #videogames, and #videogamers. I would also only copy the actual hashtag and not any of the statistics about it like the post count. That means after a while I forgot which hashtags had high traffic and which didn’t.

No more copy and pasting! 📣

With the new Curate Chrome Extension, you can add hashtags that you want to use, have their stats at your fingertips and see your selected list grow all directly on Instagram.

selected hashtags from Instagram
All of your selected hashtags are visible on every hashtag page.

As you add or remove hashtags, your list will show them in the order that you have selected them and include their color-coded post count. Quickly click any of the hashtags to jump to that page and browse for more.

When you are ready to use the hashtags you have selected then you can click the Use Hashtags link and get access to even more personalized statistics about each hashtag and a checklist for you to review.

When you are reviewing your hashtags, Curate gives you a checklist to outline things to look out for when planning your posts.

From there you can easily copy your hashtags, save the hashtags to a list to use later, add them as a comment directly on your Instagram post from Curate, or even schedule those hashtags to be added automatically the next time you post.

With more and more users on Instagram than ever, it’s never been a better time to explore marketing your business or becoming an Influencer. Keep in mind that along with all the potential viewers comes more people to compete against. It can be hard to get your content to stand out among the masses but once you break out it can be quite rewarding.

Instagram is primed to see more and more changes in 2020 so using tools like Curate can help you stay ahead of your competition. 📈

The Chrome Extension is now available for free today for anyone using Curate to manage their hashtags on Instagram. 🎉

curate is available on chrome web store
Follow the link above or search for “Curate” in the Chrome Web Store.

Start to discover your niche hashtags faster than ever.

Happy browsing!


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