Finding the perfect hashtags using your personalized Hashtag Score
Finding the perfect hashtags using your personalized Hashtag Score

Using hashtags on Instagram is pretty simple on the surface.

You can browse a feed, see related content, and Instagram even tells you how many posts each hashtag has in total.

But there’s a problem. 🤔

Once you dive into more advanced Instagram hashtag strategies, you realize that you need more data than that to make informed decisions.

Questions like this come to mind:

  • How many posts per day or per hour does a hashtag get?
  • Could I reach the Top Posts of a hashtag based on my engagement?
  • Are any of these hashtags banned or completely dead?
  • Do my posts that use certain hashtags perform better than others?

It can get really complex. 🤯

The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect science when it comes to crunching numbers and coming up with the perfect hashtags to use on Instagram.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use tools to help you get closer to finding the perfect hashtags to use in your niche.

Introducing, Curate’s new Hashtag Score to help you answer all of these complicated questions in a simple way!

personalized score for the hashtags
Get a personalized score for every hashtag you use with Curate

There are a lot of different ways that you could analyze the potential of an Instagram hashtag.

Let’s dive into how Curate calculates a personalized score for every hashtag you use. 👇

New and improved calculation

The difference between the previous version of the Hashtag Score and what is available today is night and day!

Not only does Curate consider your typical hashtag stats like post count and average engagement but it gets much more in-depth with the data it collects for every hashtag.

There are currently 10+ data points per hashtag being considered for the Hashtag Score and that’s just the start. 🤓

A simple breakdown

With all this talk of data, it can be overwhelming to think about how to use it effectively.

Thankfully, Curate takes all the complex calculations and boils it down to a number from 0 to 10.

instagram hashtag score
It’s easy to see which hashtags are rated higher with the 0to 10 scale

No more bar charts, 0 to 100 scores, confidence intervals, or other complicated ways to convey how good a hashtag is.

Simply see where the hashtag ranks from 0 to 10 and try hashtags that score higher than the rest.

Color-coded for easy identification

It still may be hard to determine if you want to use a hashtag that is scored a certain number or not.

This is where Curate further helps you identify which hashtags are generally better than others using a pattern of green (great), yellow (good), and red (bad).

hashtags you should be using
Easily see the hashtags you should be using and the ones you should stay away from

This color-coding visually helps you organize and ultimately select up to 30 hashtags per post.

Now when you see your Scores on Curate, you can quickly see what kind of hashtag you are dealing with.

Scores are personalized for your Instagram

Not only is Curate able to gather information about hashtags that you use but it also considers your specific account when calculating its score.

It’s true. 🤯

Every Hashtag Score is personalized to reflect how it would perform for your account based on your posting history, engagement statistics, related hashtags, and more.

Just because a hashtag is working for one Instagram account doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

See your Score everywhere

Wherever you are on Curate, your Hashtag Score will be waiting for you.

Whether you’re browsing your hashtags, viewing your posts, reviewing your hashtag checklists, or even scheduling your hashtags in advance.

score for your hashtags
View the score for your hashtags everywhere on Curate

It’s a constant visual reminder of the potential your hashtags have.

The more you post the better

Your Hashtag Score is constantly updated as you post on Instagram, use more hashtags, and get more engagement on your account.

It even gets smarter if you tell it which personalized hashtag suggestions are in your niche.

Consistent posting and reflecting on the results is the key to growing on Instagram and Curate treats it no differently.

By staying on top of your hashtag game, Curate ensures you are getting the most out of every Instagram post you make.

Be more informed about the hashtags you are using and try Curate for free today.


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