Discover the Instagram organic growth metric that no one tracks
Discover the Instagram organic growth metric that no one tracks

If you have an Instagram Business account then you get access to all sorts of statistics on your content and growth.

It’s built right into the Instagram app and it tracks tons of things for you such as views, likes, comments, reach, shares, and much more.

When you start to dig in, it can be quite overwhelming. 😳

Instagram gives you all the numbers but how do you really understand how successful your posts are?

If you’re focused on organic growth using Instagram in 2021, then you shouldn’t be tracking likes or comments as a metric of success. 👎

Fortunately, there’s a single metric that measures your growth potential on each post and makes it easier to understand your path to success.

The percentage of Instagram accounts that viewed your post but don’t follow you.

key organic growth metric on Instagram
Accounts reached but more importantly the % that weren’t following you is a key organic growth metric.

Let’s dive into why it’s so important, where to see it on your posts, and learn how to use it to grow your Instagram.

Why this metric is so important for organic growth

No matter how many followers you have, you can expect that some portion of them will view and hopefully engage with your content.

By tracking the percentage of Instagram accounts that viewed your post but don’t follow you, you’re able to know how much of your post is being exposed to people outside your current followers.

I like to think about it as how many people did you get in front of that don’t already know about you. 🤓

When you’re growing an audience, it’s important to constantly have exposure beyond your follower circle.

How to see the views from non-followers

Here is a walk-through on how you can see the exact % of views that came from people that don’t already follow you.

Remember, you have to have an Instagram Business account in order for Instagram to provide the data to you. It’s free and easy to convert with no downside.

First, open the Instagram app, then go to any of your posts and click the “View Insights” link.

View Insights link on instagram post
When you have an Instagram Business account, you will see the “View Insights” link on your posts.

Now scroll down to the Discovery section and look under the Accounts Reached metric.

often-overlooked statistic for Instagram growth
Under the Discovery section lies the often-overlooked statistic for Instagram growth.

Using this statistic, you can calculate how many people you reached by multiplying the % by the number of accounts reached.

Now you can compare your posts with each other in terms of growth. This helps you understand which posts provided the most influence.

Using this metric to your advantage

Understanding how to achieve organic growth on Instagram in 2021 is like having a superpower.

Long gone are the days of whipping together content, tossing a few hashtags on it, then seeing your posts take off.

It’s important to not only learn about the % of viewers that don’t follow you but also how they come across your content.

Is it from reaching the Explore page, from being shared by your followers, or reaching the Top Posts for the hashtags you used?

discovered on Instagram
Always take a look at the methods your content is being discovered on Instagram.

You need to study which posts are getting viewed by a high number of people who don’t follow you then see which method they viewed your content.

Then focus on that organic growth channel! 🎯

Everyone’s Instagram journey is different. Some will grow their accounts best by making sharable content for their audience. For others, they’ll explode using the power of hashtags.

That’s why I built Curate. It helps me grow my Instagram account by leveraging hashtags to get a ton of views from people who don’t already follow me.

Learn to focus on what is working for you and double down on it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the Instagram game since the start.

Staying active is not enough for growth on Instagram in 2021. 😅

Start thinking about how to use this often forgotten Instagram metric to grow in your niche.

Good luck! ✌️

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