Audit your Instagram's hashtag usage with personalized checklists 📋
Audit your Instagram's hashtag usage with personalized checklists 📋

If you‘ve been working on your hashtags strategy on Instagram then you know there are so many different things to keep track of.

  • How often are you using certain hashtags and are you using them too many times in a row?
  • Are you using a variety of hashtags from post to post and not use the same lists of hashtags?
  • Do you use any hashtags that don’t have many people looking at them or are you using any that have too much traffic?
  • When are you trying new hashtags and replacing the underperforming ones?

Unfortunately, you have to not only make sure you’re following the best practices now but continue to keep up with it for all of your future posts. On top of that, Instagram is always changing. What’s working today may not work tomorrow. It adds another layer of complexity that makes organic growth by using hashtags difficult to master.

There has to be an easier way, right? 😅

When you start to let Curate help you manage your hashtag strategy and it all gets simpler.

instagram account checker for growth
Maximize the exposure of your content by selecting the best hashtags for success.

Instantly understand which hashtag mistakes you have been making, how your overall hashtag usage stacks up and get personalized checklists on every post you made. Better yet, Curate helps you prevent making mistakes by giving you hashtag checklists while you plan your content.

It's like an automatic Instagram account checker.

top 5 hashtag mistakes on Instagram
Starting with the basics, Curate immediately analyzes your account for common hashtag mistakes.

Truth is that even when we know we shouldn’t be doing certain things on Instagram, it’s easy to make a mistake. Sometimes it’s too time-consuming or just simply too hard to track.

Curate helps with that too. 🥳

It teaches you hashtag strategies using your personalized data and encourages you to keep your account in check. After a while it becomes natural but Curate is always there to keep an eye on your Instagram hashtags for you.

Let’s take a look at what the new checklist feature on Curate has to offer and how it belongs in your Instagram growth strategy.

Monitor all your hashtag activity on Instagram

When it comes to analyzing your hashtag usage you can’t just look at a specific post. At the same time, you can’t just rely on what works across most of your posts either. What about when you plan your hashtags for a post you haven’t even made yet? How do you know if the hashtags you anticipate using will actually make a difference?

These ideas contribute to an effective hashtag strategy on Instagram and Curate has a checklist for each to make sure you are covered.

instagram account checker with lists
Curate is your personalized Instagram account checker when it comes to hashtags.

The top 5 mistakes checklist, account-wide hashtag audit, breakdown of hashtags on your past posts and a way to monitor the hashtags you select for your next post are all ways Curate helps you understand the whole picture.

Getting check-marks never felt better

Tracking hashtags statistics and combining it with your usage is one thing. It’s another to sift through the data for every post and keep track of what’s important. Dealing with numbers on hundreds of hashtags that you use can be near impossible.

At a quick glance, you can now track whether your hashtags usage is in line based on a simple check-mark or x-symbol next to each entry.

instagram growth is so much easier with checklists
Using hashtags for organic Instagram growth has never been this simple.

Every checklist entry has a visual symbol to tell you how you are personally doing. Curate monitors your hashtag usage and will automatically update your checklists as you improve. Strive for seeing all check-marks and never make another Instagram mistake again.

Learn while you go with a personalized breakdown

If you are just getting started on Instagram and trying to find ways to organically grow your account then the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. It’s not enough to just know the tactics but you have to apply them.

Now you have simple explanations on why each metric matters, how Curate measures it and how you can use Curate to change it, all built-in.

simple breakdowns of the instagram audit
Curate explains how it determines each part of the Instagram audit of your hashtags.

It even explains how each checklist item is exactly calculated. When you learn what’s behind the curtain on each strategy, it’s easier to work towards changing your behavior to match.

Hear about what you are doing wrong and how to fix it

Reading about hashtag strategies to use on Instagram only gets you so far. It can get complicated with things like being shadow-banned without you knowing it. Sometimes you just need someone to explain it to you by talking through it in the simplest way possible.

With every checklist item, you can watch an emoji video explaining the basics and how to use Curate to improve your hashtag usage.

emoji tutorial on Instagram growth with hashtags
Your emoji assist is shocked you used that hashtag 😆

It walks you through though what to look out for, why it matters, how to fix any issues and monitors it all for you. Anytime you are struggling with understanding any of the checklists then consider taking a listen from the emoji helper.

Get the knowledge you have always been looking for

If you find it hard to discover worthwhile content on Instagram growth or hashtag strategies then you aren’t alone. A lot of the content is copied from one another and cover so many different topics that it’s hard to actually absorb anything.

Luckily, there’s a catalog of 100% unique writing based on the findings from using and building Curate.

instagram growth strategies straight from the founder of curate
Read up on Instagram growth strategies straight from the founder of Curate.

The checklist items will link you out to the most relevant articles in the catalog. If you haven’t already, check out all of the Instagram Strategy related articles on our blog. Having a deeper understanding of the Instagram algorithm and how hashtags actually contribute to your success helps you execute on your own strategies.

Everything is personalized to your Instagram account

Sometimes it’s hard to take high-level concepts about how to use hashtags and apply them to your niche or account. Often things don’t exactly apply and it seems like there is no easy way to do it.

Now you can have all of the concepts directly tied to your own Instagram account and your personal hashtag usage.

your personalized instagram audit
Curate monitors every post you make and audits your hashtag usage.

From the number of banned hashtags you have used on your latest 10 posts to how many new hashtags you used recently. Curate helps you understand what you are doing right and wrong so you can adjust and continue to grow on Instagram.

Specific examples of your hashtag mishaps

Just knowing that you are doing something wrong and how many times isn't enough to change things. You need details to help you understand. Which hashtags are you overusing? What are the hashtags that have too much traffic?

Now you can view examples from your own Instagram account for each checklist item on Curate.

list of examples from the instagram audit
Your Instagram audit even includes specific examples for your account or on each post.

Presented with exact examples of things you are doing that don’t contribute to your Instagram growth makes it easier to change. It couldn’t get any more simple.

Ultimately, Curate’s new checklists help you learn what you are doing wrong, how to fix it and then make sure you never make the same mistakes again.

It’s nice to know that you are making the right choices and have someone monitoring your account to help you avoid mistakes.

  • If you’re a current Curate user then your personalized Instagram audit has already been done! Go check it out. 🎉
  • If you aren’t, then try Curate for free and get your account checked in minutes.

Good luck nailing down your hashtag strategies on Instagram!


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